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Dover Grammar School for Boys

NOVEMBER 2001 No. 86


As a staff, we have decided to launch a policy of "zero tolerance" with regards to infringements of school uniform. We realised that we were spending far too much time and energy telling boys to tuck their shirts in, or put their blazers on, or do up their top buttons. There was a very visible lowering of school standards and staff were being forced to nag boys too much. Consequently, I launched a scheme on Monday that results in immediate punishment through detentions for boys seen by any member of staff to be wearing his uniform incorrectly at any time.
The boys have reacted to this very well and only a handful of boys offended on the first day. I am mentioning it in the Newsletter simply to keep you informed and to ask you to help your son play his part in upholding standards over this very symbolic issue by making sure his uniform is complete and in good condition.
Dr A S Jackson - Deputy Headteacher


'Brilliant!', 'Very smart'. 'The real thing'. 'Just like Pfizers'. 'What we needed for years'.
These are a few of the comments I've heard said about the new laboratory. It pleases the science staff, technicians particularly, that their efforts in designing and implementing the refurbishment have been appreciated.
The final snagging has taken place and there are small details such as the painting of the skirting boards and wiping building dust away to take place in the next few days.
On Tuesday the Parents and Friends Association made a very generous financial contribution to help us buy proper comfortable laboratory stools. These should arrive before the end of November.
There is a protocol to follow in terms of handover before use which includes a Health & Safety check of services e.g. water, gas, electricity and drainage.
I believe we should have a proper official opening with a display of pupils carrying out exciting experiments to co-incide with Chemistry Week which is in late November. We now have a wonderful facility to use and celebrate Science Year 2001.
Bear with me, I need to be able to timetable the use of the laboratory so that all boys and classes benefit. You now have the laboratory you wanted and deserved. The next project is ...................
Mr S Nugus - Subject Leader for Science


On Monday 15th October a few Year 9 pupils took part in the first 'Child's Right' council meeting at Dover District Council.
'The Day of Child Rights' was organised by students and teachers from Summerhill School in Norfolk. With help from Dover councillors they told us about their school as it is the first democratic school in England.
This event was open for students for all the local schools in the region.
The day began with refreshments with the local Dover and Deal MP, Gwyn Prosser and then a chance to ask him questions which he answered personally. An introduction followed from Michael Newman, a Summerhill School teacher and an Old Pharosian, who told us why a democratic school is successful and what advantages it gives to students.
We were then split into mixed groups and we were able to have our questions about Summerhill School answered.
The rest of the day continued with a free lunch, a question and answer session with the councillors and a talk from a leader who asked our opinions on children's rights and their right to be heard.
The day came to an end with the final speech from the councillors who thanked us for our questions and support in the day's events. A few lucky people managed to be interviewed by Radio Kent and newspaper journalists.
The day was a great success and Gwyn Prosser said he would review our comments as it was a start to a successful beginning of Children's rights!
Joseph Hurling - Year 9

16th October 2001

A large number of the Year 10 history group boarded the coach at about 6.45 a.m. at the school. We then made the short journey to the docks and crossed the channel without delay. After a short journey we were in Belgium and arrived at our first stop at The Langemarke German Military Cemetery. This is one of few German cemeteries in the area and contains the bodies of about 35,000 Germans who died in the war. We all looked around the cemetery and were surprised by how well it was kept and the good condition it was in. After having a good look around we answered a question in our booklets and then departed for our second stop.
Our second stop was another cemetery but this one was an allied cemetery it was called Tyne Cot, this was a larger cemetery but was in great condition. When we arrived we split into small groups and carried out a survey of about 40 or 50 graves. We looked at the rank and the name of the person who died on each grave and one factor that many people noticed was that about 80% of the people were unknown, showing how horrifying the war must have been as these people were blown to pieces. Some people then went and looked to see if we could find any relatives in the cemetery and others looked for the names of three Old Pharosians who are remembered there.
After a while we again boarded the coach and went into the centre of Ypres. We ate our packed lunches before going into the 'In Flanders Field' Museum. This is a new museum which is situated in one of the key buildings in Ypres, the Cloth Hall. This building was completely destroyed during the war, like the whole of the town. In the museum we researched people who worked in the area during the war. We also looked at some very good exhibits and again answered some more questions.
By the time we had done this we were ready for some free time and so we were granted about an hour to explore Ypres. However, in this time we had to visit the Menin Gate. This is a memorial to over 55,000 soldiers who died in the area and is a very impressive structure. As well as visiting this many people took advantage of the very generous offer in the Chocolate Shop. We then all met up again and boarded our coach to make the short trip to our final stop of the day.
This was the museum and trenches at Sanctuary Wood. We all started in the museum and looked at real photographs and many other things that were used in the war. We then went outside to the reconstructed trenches and this gave us a good idea of what life had been like. Those who ventured through the communication trenches would know what it must have been like. As well as answering some more questions many people took the opportunity to take some photographs which could be added to the ongoing project about this topic. I found this very interesting until I was unfortunate enough to lose my footing by a large shell hole which I ended up falling into. I got covered in mud which seemed to amuse everyone. 
After I got cleaned up, other people had finished exploring and the teachers had finished their coffee, we all got back onto the coach to head back to Calais. We had an enjoyable journey back (watching a film) and got back to the school in good time.
In all this was a good day, enjoyed by everyone and it vastly improved our knowledge on an important part of our GCSE course.
Thanks go to Mr Falconer and Mr Gaskell for organising the trip, and to Mr Morrissey, Mr Almond and Mr Gaskell's brother for helping out.
Steven King - Year 10


On Thursday 18th October a small group of 'A' Level English students travelled to the Marlow Theatre in Canterbury to see an unimaginable performance by the Reduced Shakespeare Company. We were about to witness all thirty two of William Shakespeare's plays performed in just under an hour and a half! It is difficult to believe how this could be possible, but unlike most Shakespeare productions I have previously viewed, this was a fresh and clever adaptation of his work.
During this amazing feat, no two plays were performed alike, nor in the manner William Shakespeare had obviously intended! The story of Othello was performed in the style of a gangster rap; his comedies were all combined to produce a comedy of their own. The final play was of Hamlet, possibly Shakespeare's best known play, which was performed three times - in ten minutes, then one minute and quite hilariously in reverse!
It was an unforgettable evening for everyone who participated, and a performance that I recommend to anyone who has a sense of humour.
Sam Cairns - Year 13


Our weekend adventure began on Thursday 18th October at 12.20 pm. Mr Gaskell had lined up some great places to visit.
The drive was very long and all of us were a little bored. The first stop was Derbyshire in the Peak District. We hurried to unpack so we could get down to dinner. The hostel was like a huge country mansion in the middle of nowhere. It had a pool table, air hockey and internet in the games room.
It was an early start the next morning and after breakfast everybody packed their bags. Old Trafford here we come!! (Even those of us who don't support United were excited). After a fairly short journey we parked in the Old Trafford car park and met up with Mr Gaskell's nephew - an outgoing northerner and a great hit with us all!
We walked up to the entrance half expecting to hear 60,000 plus fans cheering and chanting - but it was empty. A tour guide first showed us the north stand, the biggest in England. We sat in the directors' seats, visited the players' lounges, dining rooms and the press rooms. The biggest disappointment was that there were no United players at the Theatre of Dreams that day - in fact the nearest we came to a player was seeing David Beckham's boots in the boot room!
The guided tour inspired us all and I'm sure that night we all dreamt of playing at Old Trafford one day.
The faithful minibus then took us to the Lake District and on the way to the hostel we passed Lake Windemere (the largest lake in England). We all settled in and soon found the games room.
There were no planned activities for Saturday so we managed to get a bit of a lie in. In the morning Mr Gaskell organised a game of footie for some of us, whilst others walked into town with Mr Keen. I don't think us boys were the only ones to have been inspired as Mr Gaskell put in a star performance!
We then went to the local pool and swam for a couple of hours. It had a great wave machine, great slide and altogether was great fun. We were then taken to Carlisle (right on the Scottish border) for a game of tenpin bowling (talk about action packed). The evening was spent at the hostel playing pool and watching TV.
Sunday was Preston day. In the morning we went to the National Football Museum, Preston, which tells the story of how the game of football has developed. We had a chance to take part in a 'virtual Match of the Day' with Gary Lineker and commentate on a match clip. We could play it back to hear how good we were (if we don't make it as footballers perhaps there'll be an opening in the media!). The first footballer we saw that weekend was Rodney Marsh who was at the museum signing copies of his autobiography.
I'm sure the highlight of the weekend for Mr Gaskell was the Preston v Manchester City game which kicked off at 2.15 pm at the Deepdale. We had our faces painted in Preston colours and Mr Gaskell wore his Preston shirt. It really was an exciting game and John Macken's sizzling 50 yard strike put the icing on the cake. (Maybe the DGSB Year 8's brought them luck!).
The journey home was very long because of traffic congestion so we didn't get dropped off until well after midnight.
Thanks Mr Gaskell and Mr Keen for a truly great weekend - we all really appreciated it.
Remy Martin and Chris Keen - Year 8


On Monday 29th October the Sixth Form Law students visited the No.2 Crown Court in Canterbury, the presiding Judge being His Honour Judge Langdon.
The two main cases of the day concerned assault and child abuse and indecent assault. 
Other cases in Courts 4 and 6 concerned the importation of a Class A drug (a substantial quantity) and handling stolen goods; conspiracy to handle and possession of a firearm.
We were due to have a talk with His Honour Judge Langdon at 4.30 pm but unfortunately a case concerning a Bench Warrant was due to start which would take some time and so we decided to call it a day. However Judge Langdon has kindly agreed to talk to the Law students next time we visit the Crown Courts. We will look forward to that!
A visit also took place in Folkestone at the Magistrates' Court before half term with another visit planned for Monday 5th November.
Forthcoming events: Outside speakers will include representatives from
* The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service)
* The Police
* A Magistrate
* A local solicitor
and in the New Year:
* The Rt. Hon. Michael Howard QC.
A Law Magazine is due to be published by the Law students of the Sixth Form and will shortly be available for general reading. It will include interesting articles of a legal content, word searches, quiz games and other interesting material and we hope that it will generate interest and enthusiasm within the School. This will be the first issue and thereafter it is hoped that termly Law magazines will be forthcoming. Copies will be available in the Library. WATCH THIS SPACE!!
Lastly, Years 8 and 9 have shown great interest in entering into a National Law Competition. Although Law is not taught in the Lower School or at GCSE Level Years 8 and 9 will be given a brief introduction to the Law, namely Criminal Law. The competition entitled "Magistrates Mock Trial Competition", sponsored by the Citizenship Foundation, Law Society and the Lord Chancellor's Department, will take place in the New Year and the School will be competing with others for this highly prestigious award.
The winners will receive a magnificent crest and a cash prize donated to the School who wins in the final round. It is the first time that the School is entering into such a competition and although in its very early stages, lets wish them success in their first round.
Further developments will be announced in future newsletters.
Mr V P Crofts - Subject Leader for Law


The first half of the new term has already been a particularly busy period for the school's musicians. The Autumn Concert on Wednesday 10th October, presented in conjunction with the Governing Body's Annual Parents' Meeting, was a particularly enjoyable and well attended event recapturing some of the mood of the Summer Concert in July which had seen the School Hall packed to the doors.
Instrumental music was also an important feature of the Year 13 Presentation Evening on Friday 14th September and Mr Baldock presented an organ recital before the Old Pharosians Association's Annual Dinner on Saturday 29th September.
On Wednesday 19th September all of Year 7 attended a Workshop and Demonstration by the School's Instrumental Teaching Staff which was designed to highlight the opportunities which the school provides for pupils to learn to play a musical instrument. This was enthusiastically received and in particular there has been increased interest in learning to play guitars and drum kit.
A more unusual event took place on Wednesday 3rd October when the School Choir and Brass Ensemble presented the music for a special service in Charlton Church to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the ordination of Father Nick De Keyser, Rector of Charlton Church. In addition to an ornate setting of the mass the choir sang two anthems - Mozart's "Ave Verum" and Faure's "Cantique de Jean Racine".
CONGRATULATIONS are due to James Dray who has recently passed Grade 1 Clarinet and to Ben Reay, Mark Farthing and Edward Close who have been awarded the Performing Arts Tie for services to the School Big Band.
Mr R S Davies - Director of Music


It can be reported that the new "Computer For Schools", courtesy of Tesco's, was delivered during the summer holidays and has been up and running since the beginning of term. This has been a welcome addition, bringing the total to seven networked machines and a further two offering word processing and careers facilities. Thank you for your continued support.
Your help is requested this term for the "Nestle Cereal Box Tops" collection. These tokens are exchanged for a cheque and used to purchase new fiction for the Library. Please place any tokens in a marked envelope and hand in at the School Office or Library direct. 
Before half term we celebrated National Poetry Day, Thursday 4th October, with a display of national winners in the main Library.
Mrs L George - School Librarian


Hi everyone.
You should have now received via your sons the newsletter regarding our next big fund raising event - The Wine and Wisdom Evening on Friday 16th November.
It is a fun evening and helps us to raise lots of funds for the school.
Hope to see as many of you there as possible.
You will shortly be receiving a book of tickets for the PFA Christmas Draw. Each year this proves to be the largest single fundraiser and we would be very grateful for your support this year. Please return the counterfoils and money, in an envelope, to the School Office as soon as possible. If extra tickets are required these can also be obtained from the School Office. Thank you once again for your support.
Mrs Joan Gambrell - Chairman

At the PFA committee meeting held on Tuesday 30th October it was agreed that we focus on raising money towards a replacement minibus. It is hoped that all parents will help by fully supporting our fund raising events (especially the Christmas Draw). So if you cannot make up a team of eight for the Wine & Wisdom please let us know and we will allocate you to a team.
Mr I Munford - Treasurer

200 CLUB

The winners of the September and October draws are as follows:
September: 1st Mr N Devonport (58) £25, 2nd Mrs T Ward (24) £15 and 3rd Mr J Bottle (36) £10.
October: 1st Mrs J Clements (150) £25, 2nd Mrs J Neale (132) £15 and 3rd Mr N Devonport (58).


Over the last month a group of older cadets have been involved in this term's recruiting drive which included a power point presentation to all Year 8 pupils at both Grammar Schools. This led to an increase of over fifty cadets for whom a special training weekend has been organised from 16th until 18th November.
At half term two activities took place, both at Napier Barracks, Folkestone. The first was an activities week open to all cadets which included problem solving and raft building at Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre in Surrey, ice skating at Gillingham and visits to the RAF Museum at Hendon, Battle of Britain Bunker and the Royal Engineers Museum. Later in the week a group of NCOs and adult staff arranged a two day exercise. This was the first opportunity for many cadets to pass a large portion of their fieldcraft syllabus.
The other activity to take place was the South East Area NCO Cadre, an intensive leadership course for senior cadets and a senior course for Junior NCOs. This is an extremely hard course and five of our cadets attended. Unfortunately Cadet Fields was unable to complete the course due to injury. We wish him a speedy recovery and congratulate the other cadets on their grades.
Finally a reminder to all cadets that the Remembrance Parade on Sunday 11th November is compulsory and if you cannot attend a letter explaining your reasons should be handed in to one of the officers as soon as possible.
V O Blanchflower - Contingent Senior Cadet


The next meeting of the Old Pharosians will be held on Tuesday 20th November at 7.00 pm.


The new school web site is now starting to take on a pleasing appearance and format. Although far from complete it already contains almost 6Mbt's of current and archive information and photographs. It contains the full school prospectus for 2002, First Thursday newsletters going back to January 2000, the last Ofsted inspection report and a who's who picture gallery of staff and their subjects, plus a few surprises and further curriculum information attached to certain subjects. My next aim will be to complete the virtual tour of the school which will allow anyone with internet access to wander around the school and familiarise themselves with our labyrinth of corridors and rooms.
The address for the new school web site is: 
and is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or Netscape version 4.7. Other browsers will function but without some of the special effects I have attached for interest.
Mr P Skelton - Workshop Technician


Members of the governing body serving the school are as follows:
Parent Governors:
Mr Alan Dowie, Rev. Fr. Nick De Keyser, Mr Michael Larkin, Mr Milford Lingard, Mr Philip Lynes, Mr Ian Munford and Mrs Barbara Stubbs.
Teacher Governors:
Mrs Françoise Lloyd and Mr David Murray.
Staff Governor:
Mrs Marion Pardoe
Partnership Governors:
Mrs Suzanne Dawson, Mr Reginald Harrison, Mr Bob Joslin and Mr James Murray (Chairman).
LEA Governors:
Mr Robin Terry and Mr Ian Ward
Co-Opted Governors:
Mr Bryan Cope, Mr Jim Crewdson and Mrs Penny Thornton (Vice Chairman).
Mr Neil Slater, Headteacher.
Mrs S Barham - Clerk to the Governors

Tuesday 6th November

As for the last few years swimming sports will be held at Dover Leisure Centre on Tuesday of next week. To help with the smooth running of the event we would ask all parents and pupils to take notes of these arrangements:
Years 7 to 9 To go straight to Dover Leisure Centre arriving by 08.40 am. Registration with Form Teachers (inside if wet). Those not competing will watch from the balcony (Years 8 and 9) and the poolside (Year 7). Please note:
* Year 7 pupils will need to take their shoes/socks off and so should have a plastic bag or similar to put them in.
* It gets very hot in the Leisure Centre so all those watching need to bring something to drink.
* Years 7 to 9 pupils should only bring work etc., for periods 5-8.
* School buses have been asked to drop pupils at Dover Grammar School for Girls' where possible. They should then walk down Maison Dieu Road to the Leisure Centre.
Years 10 to 13 Those representing their house and those helping run the event should go directly to the Leisure Centre. All others should go to school as usual with their books etc., for normal Tuesday lessons.
Any parents who wish to spectate are most welcome, although it should be noted that the space is limited.
Mr G Falconer - Assistant Headteacher


Football Reports
Year 10 -v- Norton Knatchbull
On Saturday 6th October the Year 10 team faced one of their toughest games of the season against Norton Knatchbull. As is tradition in our Saturday morning games we were behind within the first thirty seconds, with the whole team asleep one of their strikers latched onto a through ball and finished well. After about twenty minutes things got a lot worse for us when a mix up in midfield gave one of their players too much space and he fired in from twenty yards out. At this stage of the game we were struggling to keep possession of the ball in all areas of the field and this cost us dear again as we lost possession cheaply which gifted their striker an easy chance which he converted to make it 3-0.
We needed desperately to lift ourselves and just before halftime we got the goal we needed. After a spell of pressure we won a corner and from this Sean Golden fired home from twelve yards after the corner was only partially cleared by the visitors.
During the break our confidence grew and we had the belief we could go on and get a result.
The second half was one of the best passing performances we have produced. However it took about fifteen minutes before we broke down the defence. After a reckless challenge on a Dover player the referee awarded a free kick about twenty five yards out. Steven King stepped up and hit the free kick well, the ball rebounded off the underside of the bar and bounced down, the game stopped for a second until the referee noticed the Russian linesman flagging for a goal. We were now growing in confidence and ten minutes later the referee awarded another free kick this time even further out. Again Steven King hit the ball well towards the back post and once again the ball drifted past the keeper into the top corner to the surprise of everyone, especially after the recent shooting form displayed by him.
With ten minutes left of the game we knew we could go on to win but then disaster struck as the away side broke quickly on the counter-attack, and again they made no nonsense of the finish, they were now leading 4-3 with only minutes left.
We pressed forward again and won a corner, once again as in the first half it was only half cleared and Steve O'Brien scored with a great right footed volley into the corner.
Soon after this the final whistle was blown with a score of 4-4. This was a very entertaining game in which we played very well especially in the second half. However we still need to cut out the stupid mistakes from all the team which are costing us a lot of goals.
Steven King - Year 10

1st XI Match Reports by Mr M Grant, Subject Leader for Physical Education
Saturday 13th October DGSB 1 -v- Harvey G S 1
This was a match which we could have very easily won, especially as we played with ten men for the whole of the second half. Both teams were fairly evenly matched in the first half. Our defence made several errors which put our keeper under pressure and a quick passing move found us one goal down with Andy Herbert having to go off injured five minutes before half time. Earlier Mike Long felt ill and had to be substituted by Bobby Clements.
The side put Harvey under a lot of pressure in the second half and we came close to scoring several times. Peter McCarvill hit the upright with an excellent effort and then Simon Shepherd equalised with a fine individual effort just inside the 18 yard box.
This was a great team performance with all players having to put in that extra bit of work to make up for our injured midfielder.
Wed. 17th October DGSB 8 -v- Chatham GS 1
A beautiful afternoon's weather found us waiting for the opposition to arrive. We kicked off forty five minutes late but from early on put Chatham under a lot of pressure. Several crosses were not put past their keeper and shots went wide and over the crossbar. Three goals then came from the intense pressure that we placed their keeper and defenders under.
The second half saw five more goals being taken. Some excellent moves and crosses from the constant pressure established our superiority and the team thoroughly deserved this win. 
The following reports are by Mr K Onions - PE Department

Year 9 Soccer
Our next game was a friendly against Norton Knatchbull Grammar School of Ashford on Saturday 6th October.
With the visitors only managing a team of ten players it gave us a chance to match their numbers and use rolling subs and try out a number of players in different positions in preparation for any situations that may arise in future games.
After a tentative start in which Dover had the majority of the possession, the Knatchbull keeper clumsily brought down Liam Friend in the box in the 14th minute giving David Oxenham the chance to slot home a well taken penalty.
Twelve minutes later Liam Friend's ferociously driven low cross caused panic in the Knatchbull defence to the extent that a defender turned the ball into his own net.
Two minutes before half time Jared Cole took Dover's lead to three with a well taken goal.
At half time the rotation of substitutes left us in the situation where there were no natural wide players in wide positions on the pitch. This made us very compact and Knatchbull fully exploited this, scoring two goals in the first fifteen minutes of the second half.
This situation didn't last and with the wingers restored we took control again with Liam Marsh netting in the 50th minute. A minute later Adam Horne scored a lovely goal to restore Dover's three goal advantage. In the 60th minute Liam Friend added to his personal tally this year taking Dover's score to 6.
It was at this point with ten minutes to go that we took our foot off the pedal and let in two quite soft goals. One to the pacey Knatchbull centre forward who had threatened to break free all match and the second from very lax marking at the back post.
Again a very good learning experience for the team against strong opposition, excellent preparation for the more difficult games we are going to encounter this season.
Third outing in the district league was at home against Sandwich Technology School on Tuesday 9th October.
With right winger Liam Smith making his league debut for the side it took six minutes for Dover to get back into their old district league habits with Adam Horne playing in a new striking position finding the net.
Liam Marsh started his attempt at catching leading goal scorer Liam Friend, who was warming the bench during the first half after a kit mix up, making the score 2-0. A minute later and Dover were tearing Sandwich apart as Liam Marsh grabbed his second and Dover's third.
In the 23rd minute Marsh completed his hat-trick taking the score to 4-0. Four minutes later Adam Horne completed his brace for 5-0 and a minute from the break Marsh increased his haul to five for a 6-0 lead.
Just to prove that Dover weren't having things completely their own way Sandwich grabbed one back on the stroke of half time to make the interval score 6-1.
At half time Luke Phillps made way for a freshly kitted out Liam Friend whilst James Chainey was replaced in goal by Liam Cummings.
Within eight minutes of the restart Liam Marsh had increased his personal haul to seven with a second half hat-trick.
In the 40th minute David Oxenham got onto the score sheet to take the Dover score into double figures.
Still hungry for goals Liam Marsh finished his haul with an eighth in the 42nd minute.
In the 49th minute Joel Wade got in on the scoring act with a sweetly taken shot from 15 yards.
Again to prove the first goal was no fluke Sandwich scored again in the 54th minute to make the score 12-2.
The respite was short lived however as Jared Cole scored Dover's 13th in the 56th minute.
Two minutes from time Joel Wade grabbed his second and Dover's 14th to make the final score a very convincing 14-2.
Still unbeaten in all matches and averaging nearly ten goals a game the Year 9 machine rolls on.
Our last match before half term was in the County Cup as we entertained Pent Valley School of Folkestone on Tuesday 16th October.
Again we started quickly taking full advantage of Pent Valley being fresh off the bus, with Liam Friend scoring in the 8th minute. Two minutes later Luke Phillips added a second and by the time Adam Horne added our third in the 23rd minute we were cruising. 
However, not wishing to make things too easy for ourselves we took our foot off the pedal and let in a goal through sloppy marking in the 25th minute. This gave Pent Valley renewed drive and left us reeling so they quickly grabbed another a minute later through their very powerful and direct running centre forward. Three minutes later, with Dover all at sea and not knowing how to cope with the new found pace and strength from the Pent Valley attack, the visitors equalised and started to ask some really tough questions of the home side resolve. For the next six minutes Dover weathered the storm with robust challenges and cultured passing managing to go in at half time without falling behind.
At half time Dover decided we did actually want to win this game so we made changes to our defensive structure. We played three centre backs with Sam Wilkes taking the man to man marking role on Pent Valley's centre forward. We also decided that the passing game was the best route forward and resolved to keep the ball on the deck.
It took thirteen minutes after the break before the changes settled down and we were back on top of the game. With Sam doing an excellent job of keeping the centre froward out of the game Liam Marsh was able to put us ahead. 
Unfortunately Pent Valley showed in the 50th minute that with a ball across the six yard box they could upset our backs, and when 'keeper James Chainey failed to secure the ball it was driven home from close range to equalise.
This finally stung us into action. We started to pass the ball like we had some belief in our own ability and Liam Friend was able to latch onto a through ball to put us back in the lead in the 55th minute.
A tense fifteen minutes followed with an intense midfield being played out. Sam Wilkes manfully fended off Pent Valley's main attacking weapon whilst the midfield fought hard to win back the ball. 
Two minutes from time Adam Horne made the tie safe with a well taken goal, his second and Dover's 6th of the night sending Dover into the third round with a heavy sigh of relief.

Year 10 Soccer
Playing in the district league we were at home to Castle Community School on Thursday 4th October.
A cagey first half saw Dover have the vast majority of the possession but yet again lacking the cutting edge. This was not helped by losing leading goal scorer James Brannan mid way through the first half to a turned ankle. He was replaced by mid fielder Lewis Calanan.
With a patched up strike force of Lewis Fitzjohn and Steve King learning each other's game we came in at half time 0-0.
At half time wingers, Craig Trimble and Steve O'Brien replaced Nathan Allen and Ian Morgan. This was hopefully to relieve the congestion in mid field with five central midfield players on the pitch and to give more width. 
Four minutes into the second half the deadlock was broken by Lewis Fitzjohn to give Dover the lead.
The relentless Dover pressure continued with a little more structure given by the wider options and it was in the 66th minute that Steve King found the net rather than the bushes with his shot.
Liking his new found scoring touch King completed his brace in the last minute giving Dover a convincing 3-0 victory.
Again we battled against adversity and come out with three points to keep us unbeaten in the district league.
On Thursday 11th October we travelled to Sandwich Technology School, one of two other unbeaten sides in the League. Lacking any recognised strikers with Simon Pearson-Wood on holiday and James Brannan injured we were up against it as a side who finds it hard to score from other positions. 
As ever we started badly, conceding in the 2nd minute after a terrible mix up in the six yard box gifted Sandwich an easy goal.
We struggled to get a grip on the game for the rest of the half with Sandwich having chances they couldn't convert, the closest of which was cleared off the line by Craig Trimble in the 25th minute.
The second half saw a change in goal for Dover as Oliver Mayes replaced Joffy Towe for his school team debut.
The second half was a slight improvement with us looking more secure at the back, particularly with Mayes' security under the crossed ball. However we were unable to find the net despite chances going wide from King, Fitzjohn, Cairns and Cochrane.
Sandwich also managed through their overly robust tackling to ensure that we were unable to generate much concerted pressure to try to force an equaliser.
Suffering our first defeat in the league this season we must hope that Archer's Court, the only other unbeaten side in the league can defeat Sandwich We can then go on to put a few goals past Archer's ourselves, if we are to win the league this season.
Shooting practice is needed!!!
DGSB 2nd XI 5 -v- Harvey G S 3rd XI 0 (report by Tom Adams - Year 13)
Starting brightly against a team who had beaten our last opponents (who we incidentally lost 5-0 to!) things looked good. With a changed formation and a few new faces the team looked to improve and set out for our first win. Things looked to have taken a turn for the worse however when a series of defensive errors led to a Harvey shot on goal, which was arrowing toward the back of the net before Sam Smith took temporary charge of goalkeeping duties and prevented the goal, "For the good of the team!" getting himself booked in the process. However, keeper Richard McHugh came to the rescue, saving the subsequent penalty low to his left before Sam Cairns scrambled the ball clear to safety.
Having had their alarm bells rung the DGSB second string began to play some of their best football this season. New boys Robbie Guy (a steal from the firsts!) and Ryan Wilson settled in perfectly and both helped string together moves which saw the home team take the game by the scruff of the neck. Two wonder strikes from midfielder Chris James sent the home team on their way with Guy adding a third before half time.
After the break, another new boy, Jamie Howland came on to replace the hard working Wilson and the team took a new shape, looking to capitalise on the lead. With the DGSB team bossing the middle of the pitch the Harvey team could never get a foothold in the match and soon found themselves 5-0 down, conceding through another Guy strike and a strike from hard working solo striker Bobby Clements. Despite not being able to further capitalise on their dominance the Dover team will have been more than pleased to get their first win under their belts, as well as their first clean sheet!

Football Fixtures
Friday 9th Year 11 -v- Harvey G S (H)
Saturday 10th 10.00 am Years 7 & 9 -v- Harvey G S (H) and 10.00 am Years 8 & 10 -v- Harvey G S (A)


Year 7: Coaching and house matches for table tennis in Year 7 will start this Friday, 2nd November, for all pupils who have submitted their names to me and appear on the list. Play will start promptly at 13.10 and will continue until 13.45 (dinner break). Due to the time play will take place alternative arrangements should be made for lunch.
The table tennis format will begin with an introduction to table tennis. This will include a little about the history connected to its invention and will be followed by the general rules and regulations with regard to match play, safety aspects regarding equipment and clothing and will end with basic stance, bat grip, how to serve, basic strokes and match play.
The gym can take three tables adequately and for the first few demonstrations the limit will be twelve players only. A list will be available indicating those chosen for each session in advance on the table tennis notice board. For those with the facilities to view the school web site the list can be viewed there.
Once the initial demonstrations have been completed more players will be allowed to attend each session and the house matches can begin.
The house matches will comprise of 'speed control' whereby two players will compete with each other to complete as many legal shots as possible within one minute of play. With 'speed control' the players will learn ball control and to compete with each other not against as obviously the more strokes that can be achieved without the rally breaking down the more points each competitor will gain.
Once the players have adequate control for ball manipulation across the table, matches will be played up to eleven points. They take on the standard format (more or less) of match play as laid down by the English Table Tennis Association (E..T.T.A.). The one difference is that players will pay to eleven points, two serves each and the first to reach eleven will be the winner. (No two points clear rule due to time limitations).
League tables will be printed on a weekly basis and published on the table tennis notice board and school web. There will be information about each boy's individual average number of points achieved per minute for the speed control and the average number of points achieved, not games won for conventional play.
Mr P Skelton - Workshop Technician


The presentations of Subject Prizes and GCSE Certificates to those in last year's Year 11 will take place on Thursday 8th November 2001 commencing at 4.00 pm. 
Invitations have been sent out to all concerned.


The special Christmas Lunch will be held on Tuesday 18th December.
The Carol Service of Nine Lessons and Carols will be held at 8.00 pm on 19th December at Charlton Church.