No. 98. JUNE, 1943. VOL. XXXIII.



Headmaster's Notes The Military Cross
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Old Pharosians Notes Examination Successes
Distinctions Prize List 1941-42


The School welcomes this opportunity of greeting its friends-friends of long standing in South-East England, friends of more recent days in this Western Valley, Old Boys serving across the Seven Seas. Messages from Old Boys in the most remote corners of the Empire make us proud to think what a warm corner the School holds in so many hearts.

The war years have inevitably taken their toll. Some who made the journey with us across England on that first Sunday in June, 1940, have now seen active service and won distinction. One boy, K. W. Peverley, has made the supreme sacrifice and his name is added to the lengthening Roll of Honour. These names will not be forgotten. To the relatives of Old Boys who have fallen we should like to offer a special word of sympathy. There are other losses to be recorded. The passing of Mrs. Whitehouse in February last was the end of an association with the School since its very inception. Its debt to Mrs. Whitehouse can be acknowledged but can never be estimated. We are most grateful therefore, to Mrs. Sandiford who has generously offered to continue the "Whitehouse Memorial Prize" in memory of her father and mother.

Good news comes to us from those members of the Staff who are in the Services or seconded for work elsewhere. Nearer home we have evil tidings of Mr. F. F. Allin who has been struck down by illness and compelled to retire. For 24 years he has served the School without sparing himself. Many Old Boys will gladly bear witness to his work both in the class-room and on the playing-field during those days of health and vigour. Few can know of his dauntless courage in these days of affliction.

Miss Rookwood, whose serious accident we reported in our last number, has not been allowed to return to S. Wales, but we are glad to report that she has now completely recovered. She is attached, for the time being, to the Staff of Faversham Grammar School. We look forward to the day when she can rejoin usand re-open the Tuck Shop!

We do not forget those who have stepped in to fill the vacant places in such difficult times. Miss Leary has stayed on in Miss Rookwood's place, and we have been glad to welcome Miss Sullivan who is taking Mr. Allin's work, and Miss Coldwell who is helping with English and History.

Although paper restrictions have reduced the Magazine almost to a pamphlet, we hope to include the Prize List which, almost at pre-war length, still includes generous gifts from the Parents' Association and other donors. Even the Examination Lists show that a high level of work has been maintained. Special congratulations are due to S. A. Price who, having gained a State Scholarship last summer, was awarded the William Doncaster Scholarship in French at Magdalen College, Oxford, in December, and to R. W. Blackmore, J. B. S. Brabham, .B. F. Gray and A. B. McFarlane, who Were awarded State Bursaries in Science on the Higher Certificate Examination.

That's only part of the story. The full tale would show how well boys are responding to the needs of to-day. It would tell of a whole series of Rugger Matches, of an exciting East Cup competition, of 120 Officers and Cadets under Captain Coulson on parade at the Annual Inspection (with the Monmouthshire Cadet Brigade Staff Officer, alias Major W. E. Pearce keeping a fatherly eye on the scene), of great keenness for Certificate "A'" of much work in the Home Guard, requests for the Band at special Parades and Civic processions, and of the smaller but not less enthusiastic A.T.C Flight under F/0 Archer. All this, and much more, enables us to look forward with confidence to the post-war years at Astor Avenue.

We must record the pleasure with which we welcomed for a brief visit in March last Mr. W. Rolfe Nottidge, Chairman of the Kent Education Committee, and Mr. P. R. Morris, Director of Education for Kent. They were able to see the School in ordinary session when the Chairman spoke most encouragingly to the boys, and to meet representatives of local bodies to whom Mr. Nottidge expressed the Committee's deep appreciation of the many kindnesses shown us here, notably by the County School and by Foster-Parents.

On that note and with a last salute to Old Boys on active service, we leave the Pharos to carry its message.





Austerity numberutility editorial. Paper controla minutc percentage of pre-war issuesditto editorialsinteresting, very! Still, thank you all for news of yourselves, distributed herewith. Everything cutexcept O.P. news! No grumbles from your exiled juniorsjust pride in your achievements, your service and your sacrificesplus a determination to live up to the standards you are setting. Be quick and finish the job. All our best wishes arc yours: never forget that we are as proud of yon as you are of the School.




In Memoriam.


Flying Officer Richard Harrison-Coastal Command.

Killed in action.


Peter Noel Howarth.
Killed in air operations, Middle East. August 19-!2.


Q.M.S. Norman W. E. Jenkins.
Killed in action, May 1941, Middle East.


Sgt. P. B. E. Woodham, R.A.F.
Died on active service and buried at Finningley, Yorks.


Acting Chief E. R. A. William Hood, R.N.
Missing, presumed killed, from H.M.S. Sikh.


Sergeant Pilot Roy John Sutton, R.A.F.(V.R.)
Killed on active service, November, 19-!2.


Wing Commander James Owen Willis, D.F.C.
Missing from operations over Sidi Omar, November 1941, now officially presumed killed in action.


E. R. A. Roland Douglas Board, R.N,
Died when his ship was sunk in collision.


John Dermott, M.N.
Lost at sea, January 1943.


Sergeant Observer Kenneth William Peverley, R.A.F.(V.R.)
Killed on active service, March 19-!3.


Albert Endicott Romney.
Died at the Sussex County Hospital, April 1943.


Sergeant Observer Wilfred James Pelham, R.A.F.
Missing from a non-operational flight, May 1943.


Sergeant Pilot Eric Butt, R.A.F. (V.R.)
Missing over the Atlantic while training in Canada.


Capt. Cecil W. Teasdale, R.A.
Killed in North Africa, March 1943.


Sydney Sharp, R.A.S.C.
Died of pneumonia in hospital, North Africa, May 19-!~;


(Correction) Sub-Lieutenant (A.)
Henry Morris, R.N. was killed on active service in June, 1941.


W.O.E.W. Fuller, R.N.awarded the M.B.E. for "resource and leadership."


E.R.A. (1st Class) Phillip Edward Robinson, R.N.awarded the D.S.M. for distinguished service in a Murmansk convoy. (His son, P.O. Philip Robinson has been mentioned in despatches).


2nd Lt. Eric A. D. Wilde, R.A.C.awarded the M.C. (His official citation, the only one we have received, follows this list).

E.R.A. Roland Douglas Board, R.N.mentioned in despatches for gallant conduct at Narvik.

George Edward Mayne, M.N. Chief Officerawarded Lloyds' War Medal for gallantry when his ship was torpedoed.

Lieut. E. J. Binfield R.N.R.awarded the D.S.C. for services in the Malta Convoy.

Petty Officer T. Moyesawarded the D.S.M. "for gallantry."


Pilot Officer Ronald Edmond R.A.F. (V.R.)awarded the D.F.C. "for great courage and leadership."


Flight Sergeant John C. Goodsonawarded the D.F.M. for "his fine example and exceptional ability as F/Sgt. in missions against the enemy."


Lieut. Colin Paddock, R.T.R, R.A.C.awarded the M.C. for "gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East."


Captain Robert Grimer, M.N.awarded the D.S.C. for "bravery and skill when his ship was attacked. by enemy aircraft." (Captain Grimer gained his football colours as long ago as 1911-12).



Second-Lieutenant Eric Albert Delamey Wilde (232702)



2nd Lieut. Wilde was Battalion Liaison Officer and during the first three days of battle he showed an outstanding example of devotion to duty and courage.

During some very heavy shelling on the 24th October, 1942, he repeatedly assisted in the recovery of wounded of his unit and of other units from very exposed positions in full view of the enemy.

On 25th October, 1942, at approximately 1400 hours, a patrol of Grants was ordered to reconnoitre Pt. 116. In the course of this reconnaissance one Grant was set on fire only 200 yards from the enemy position. The crew were rescued and brought back by a second tank of the patrol, but one man was left beside the burning tank, badly wounded and unable to move himself. He was seen waving his hand and a quick plan was made to bring him in. But before this could be put into effect, 2nd Lt. Wilde, at great personal risk, dashed out in his Scout Car right up to the now furiously burning tank, which was liable to explode at any moment. He placed the wounded man on the front of his Scout car and lay across him to protect him and hold him on. The enemy, of course shelled him, but entirely due to his personal courage and complete disregard for danger, the wounded man was successfully brought in.



A number of Old Pharosians are still listed as "missing." It is our pleasing duty to note elsewhere news of some, missing for long periods, now listed as prisoners of war. Those still listed as missing, include:Sergt. Pilot F. J. Evans, R.A.F. [June: Safe in "friendly hands."] Sergt. Navigator Louis J. Langham, R.A.F. (V.R)


Pilot Officer Alfred (Rob) H. A. Treadwellknown to every contemporary as 'Treadie.'

Sgt. Observer Gibbard Selkirk Standring.

Pilot Officer John E. Wilson, R.A.F.



31.7.42to Barbara (nee Reilly)wife of Eric Joseya daughter.
19.9.42to Doreen (nee Swain)wife of Leslie G. Bowleya daughter.
26.9.42to Daphne, wife of Sergt. Fit. Eng. John C. Goodson, D.F.M.a daughter. .
13.12.42to Margaret Mary, wife of James J. H. Durranta daughter.
30.12.42to Winifred (nee Heath) wife of Charles E. Cocksa daughter.
23.2.43to Lilian (nee Griffin) wife of E. W. J. Moselinga son.
27.2.43to Maureen (nee Pay) wife of Lieut. Gerald Willis, R.N.R.a daughter.
25.3.43to Wilhelmina, wife of Sub. Lieut. (E.) S. W. Kennedy, R.N.Ra son.
14.4.43to Edna, wife of E. O. Woodlanda daughter.
19.5.43to Nora (nee MacLeod), wife of Albert F. Pritcharda daughter.

We record with pleasure the news that a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. King early this year.
23.2.43to the wife of G. E. Harrowa son.

Editor's Note.The ratio of 8-3 shows some lack of consideration for the school.


12.8.42. Dennis Matchamex Warden A.R.P. (Dover)now in H.M. Forcesto Phyllis Vine, Dover.
12.11.42. Douglas E. M. West, Capt. RA. to Muriel Marie Anderson, Sunderland.
12.12.42. Lt.-Col. Sydney Charles Tomlin to Junior Commandant Margaret Lockhart Laing, T.D., M.D. of Arbroath.
30.1.43. F/Sgt. Raymond Frank Muston, R.A.F. to Corporal Gwendolen Stella More, W.A.A.F. of Dagenham.
27.2.43. Colin V. Bryant to Renee S. Pain of Whitfield.
13.3.43. Squadron Leader E. H. B. Martin to Corporal Brenda L. Sharvell, W.A.A.F. of Blackheath.
22.5.43. George A. Wise to Ivy Winifred Dove of Dover.



Once again the editor has to express (the operative word!) his warmest thanks to Lieut. N. V. Sutton and his invaluable weekly for much of the information here contained. Many old boys have responded to my appeal last year to send news to Mr. Pearce, Mr. Slater or to me, but I am convinced much news is still missing. I hereby appoint Harold Burt O.P. Secretary for the Middle East! Almost every letter received from that theatre of operations comes as a result of meeting him.

Among those who have visited us by the waters of the Ebbw are: R Humphreytwiceonce fresh from Dieppe and again after another anonymous raidnow Signals Instructor in an N.C.O.'s training school.

Incidentally, bursting into a house on the Dieppe sea-front, he found a Dover Express for July 1938, acting as carpet protector!

Miss Rookwoodend of September, '42 to say goodbyefor the duration. She seemed much better and is now very happy in Mr. Booth's former school at Faversham.

October. Sergt. J. S. Darby, R.A.P.C.

E. W. Bond and S. C. Hambleyset off from Rugby on bicyclesbut had to retire when 30 miles from their objectiveEbbw Vale.


By the way, can anyone let us have news of three of our original house-captains? Chase was mentioned in our last issue, but what about Bromley (Country), Street (Maxton) and Costelloe I (Buckland)? The last-named was a Major in the R.E. some years before the war.

July and August, 1942.

Sergt. Lionel Waterhouse previously reported missing, is well and a prisoner of war in Hong Kongnow in Japan, Post Card, Dec. '42.

K A. NewingP.T.C.

C. A. RobertsCpl. R.A.F.

Raymond JenkinsR.A.O.C.

P. S. Philpott, Writer at sea as Private Secretary to an Admiral.

D. K. Bomfreyback from Sierra Leone.

Gordon AshLeading Writer, R.N.

Maurice Fennseen much hard fighting in the M. East.

Corporal H. G. Richards has been commissioned to the Equipment Branch, of the R.A.F.

David WatersJunior Officer M.N.torpedoed on his first voyage as such!

Douglas is a P.O.W. at Dresden.

Leonard Wilkinson, now Captain R.A.O.C.

Eddie a recent royal inspection stood next to Viscount Lascelles during a family conversation!

S. CodyR.A.F.

Pat ConnortanksM. East.

J. Licence (Joe.)finally accepted a commission in Intelligence.

L. W. ThompsonArtificer Apprentice Fleet Air Arminvalided out.

E. R. S. Winter, B.Sc., A.R.C.S., A.I.C. has obtained his Ph. D. (London) in Chemistry.

Colin PaddockLt. reported wounded and missing in the M. East.
(He keeps cropping up in my notes. . . Escaping from a prison camp, being recaptured, escaping again, and finally winning the M.C.)

The Rev. S. C. Fittallhas passed his B.D., London, with honours and has been appointed to the Brighton and Hove Circuit of the Methodist Church.

P/Off. W. J. ChadwickRA.F. acting AdjutantRadio Locationnear his old haunts.

"Scott of Deal"marriedliving in Bromleynow in R.A.C.

John Le Prevost, R.A.married a Hayes (Kent) girl. The three items above come from our old friend Mr. Chadwick who made our playing fields what they are. (Sorry, what they were.)

Harry Hopkinswith the Buffshas unfortunately lost an eye in a grenade accident. His sister, Mabel, who served the school so long and so well is now with the K.E.C. at Maidstone.

Ron. BegbieCorporal in the Buffs.

E. C. Mantleobtained his B.Sc. (London.) whilst with the B.T.H.

September, 1942.

Staff Sergeant Robert Borthwick, R.E.previously reported missing now P.O.W. in Italy.

G. W. R. Pott (ex A. Flight D.C.S. Squadron A.T.C. passed 172nd out of 756 in the R.A.F. apprentice examination.)

Rudy Metzger has added A.M.I.M.E. to his other qualificationslong letter with news of O.P.'s and questions. (Laterin the N.F.S. in London and deep in the mysteries of Brag, Pontoon and Banker!)

F. Goldsmith is now 2nd Lieut. in the Pioneersexpects to go East and assist in training coloured troops.

J. Menter is now doing research work for the Admiralty.

B. A. Bilby has been awarded the Andrew Perne Scholarship in Natural Sciencesa Cambridge Senior Scholarship.

R BowlesStaff Captain in W. Africa (I wonder whether he still justifies his nickname!)frequently meets I. C. Hover when indenting for supplies.

Met Le Prevost, A.A.on his way to India. Hover reports having lent his negro batman 5 to buy a wifeshe was thin and so on sale at half price!

Bemard SewellMethodist Missionary at Monywa, Upper Burma, has arrived with his wife and three children in Mussoorie after many exciting and dangerous adventures.

The Rev. Louis Sparham is a Chaplain in the M.E.

V. J. AlcockR.E. in Gibraltar.

K. E. AlcockInland Rev. Newport. (Later, training as pilot, R.A.F.) News from B. S. Jell. J. J. Walsh is an L.A.C. on embarkation leave.

Claude Wilson is a Sergt. Pilot, Philip Delahaye after training in U.S.A., has his wings. Sidney Carter is entering an O.C.T.U. for a "Recce" commission. (Later: Jell is now in India in an O.T.S. and Carter is Lieut. Recce Corps.) Reg. Crofts now Captain in Intelligence.

K. G. Smithtransferred from N.F.S. to the Army.

P. Meadows, R.A.F. (Photography) India

P. Coveneywho left us when we were evacuatedHigher with dist. in History and FrenchDorset E.C. Schol. to Cambridge.

N. Blaxland, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.taking M.B. and B.S. in Octobernow House Physician in Basingstoke Hospitalhopes to be in the Forces in January.

A. E. Cadman, L.D.S. is now Lt. R.N.

L Boomradio work in the Army.

Webster (Maxton)wirelessR.A.F.

Eric Pelham, L.A.C. (Meteor) in N. Africa.

Reg. Pelhamlecturing to soldiers in between his University lectures.

Philip Wraighthas his commission and is in the M.E.

A paragraph in the Sketch announces the engagement of Surg. Lt. Kenneth Donald, D.S.C., R.N. to Miss Pearl Evans of Llanellyunderstudy to Angela Baddeley in "The Light of Heart""Ein dymuniadau gorau iddynt ill dau."!

October, 1942.

B. P. Elworthy (Pat.)now 2nd Lt. R.A.C., Indian Army (May 1943he writes from India giving a graphic story of how he shot a tiger with a .303 rifle! To dispel doubts, he is having the skin sent home!)

Paul Ganetraining as Pilotin Rhodesia.

A. Lyonsseen in Aldershotin R.E., O.C.T.U.

G. E. Budgellwas in the Dental Corps two years ago.

P. W. McVeynow at Wadham College, Oxfordfor commission in the R. Corps of Signals. (Laterpassed out second on list.)

S. L. StaftordCadet aboard a motor vesselwrites a long and interesting letter about his journeys all over the world and sends an article which would normally have been in this issue.

A. WildeHons. B.Sc. (Chem.) at BirkbeckVice Pres. of Students' Union and Sub-Editor of the Coll. Magazine.

Raymond Thompson R.A. has gained his commission in the M.E.

R. D. Port"R.A.F. overseas."

P/Off. R. J. M. HarvieR.A.F.overseas.

November, 1942.

R. A. Cook has added two more to his list of successful pamphlets"Shell Fire Corner Carries On" and "Adventures in War-Time."

David Baxternow Ordinary Seaman "aboard" H.M.S. Raleightraining under the 'Y' schemewith him is Francis Rhodes. (Laterboth at sea, awaiting commissions R.N.)

R. Howardhaving left Goldsmiths is now R.A.F.

Sergeant Surveyor Ian R. Weir, R.F.A.previously reported missing, now P.O.W. in Italian hands. What a series of adventures he has had!

Jack EwellLt.-Colonel R.A.M.C. in charge of a mobile unit in India hoping to visit George Magub, I.C.S. in Jubbulpore. The latter now District Officer.

Freq Landreynow Major R.E.his wife is in the next valley to ours.

M. Paxtonleft the Bank and joined the Navy.

We were relieved to hear that the alarming rumours about Lt. Warwick McQueen were much exaggerated: reports that he is now with a Gurkha regiment, having been "booted out of Burma"now captains the regimental XV, so there can't be much wrong.

Jack Williams (Junior)R.C.S.Sergeant in the college H.G. (Laternow taking Medicine!)


December, 1942.

C. E. OliverMet. Sect. Scotland.

S. F. BroadwoodM.N.seen at Barry Docks.

We had a P.C. on Dec. 12th from Ronald S. Harman, 11556, M. Stammlager XXB(22)to tell us he played rugger the other day with Moseling, former Country House Captain.

Leslie Bingham, left Packet Yard and is now chief engineer of a large oil-tanker.

P/Off. Lionel Frow, R.A.F.with the Persia and Iraq Forces sent Christmas greetings to School, Staff and Old Pharosians.

Christmas Eve. Delighted to learn to-day that Ian ,Watt is safeP.O.W. in Japanese hands.

January, 1943.

All former members of the Cadet Corps will be pleased to hear that Major Pearce has undertaken the duties of Staff Officer in the Monmouthshire Cadet Brigade.

D. F. A. Coe and J. H. Munday are E.R.A., R.N.

R. A. (Dick) Slator, R.A.C. promoted Captain. (Later, promoted Major).

D. Eaglestraining as Writer, R.N.

C. ClaringboldP.O., R.N.

Neville Morecroftnow Craftsman in the R.E.M.E. Corps. (Lateron embarkation leave.)

J. F. Arnoldhas his Inter. B.Sc. and an Eng. Cadetship at Northampton Polytechnic.

J. PainM.N.reached Australia like so many other O.P.'svia Singapore, Java etc.

Miss Rookwood sends the above notes among others.

Sergt. C. H. StanleyP.O.W. in Java.

Captain F. G. West-Oram writes that whilst playing cricket for his unit in Calcutta he was bowled by S/Sergt. Stroud, R.E.M.E., also of Maxton House!

The Aeroplane for January gives an account of the double crossing of the Channel by the Hon. C. S. Rolls, 2-6-1910. It is written by H. T. Holman who was then a prominent member of the Dover Model Flying Club.

February, 1943.

In the Dover Express 19.2.43 appears a letter from Corpl. J. B. Brigham signed "A Dover Buff in Malta"expressing appreciation of home newseven when a year late as it usually is!

March, 1943.

A long letter from D. V. Hendersonnow with R.E.M.E., in India-geographical details reflect great credit on Messrs. Darby and Langley! He met Stroud and West-Oram and mentions that Frank Webb is 'on Government Research in Cardiganshire.'

P. G. H. Ewer, ex Signalman on H.M.S. Shropshire has been promoted Sub. Lieut. R.N.V.R Sub. Lieut. Philip Spearmissing for nearly a year, now reported P.O.W. in Japanese hands. (from Tokio wireless.)

Capt. P. Pearce has stories of how he killed his first wild pig! Out in the Indian Jungle with 300 Hindus, he met Major Jimmy Sanders, Indian Army (Any mention made of stink-bombs, I wonder?)

Frank Constable is now Squadron Leader R.A.F. and John, Staff Major with the R.E. in India. Surely the youngest Staff-Major in the R.E.!

Ralph Allen is now Capt. R.E.

J. V. Porter is reported holding an Eng. Cadetship in Brighton, with Sammy Mason, E. T. Fry and K. P. Datlen.

Dick Arnoldrank not known nowwas 2nd Lt. in Iraqprobably still surveying and working out golf shots!

J. Shewringnow in Canada, training as a Navigator, R.A.F.

P. J. Harveynow B.Sc. (Eng.)R.A.F.

B. F. Gray, R W. Blackmore, J. Williams, D. S. Hopper, P. C. T. Jones and A. B. MacFarlane are all at London University together.

Mr. Pearce receives a long (and to a non-scientific editor, frightfully abstruse!) letter from H. W. Bondnow on Research Staff of B.T.H.

Letter from Ian Floyd, R.A.F.reports that he "is a little tired of chasing up and down the Western Desert for the last three years." Is awaiting a pilot's course and says Burt is now F/Off. and Jimmy Kirton a Wing Commander.

D. Roberts and Corpl. R. A. Vince are also there. He met "a tremendous fellow with a walrus moustache"Lt. Eric Wilde, M.C.

D. C. Bushell has an Engineering Cadetship at Walthamstow Technical College.

George Currynow 1st Lieut. (Intelligence)

F. Dunn has now given up his medical training and is P/Off. R.A.F.

April, 1943.

Pat MeaclowsR.A.F.S. Africa.

K. G. Smith"on the high seas"R. C. of Sigs.

Received airgraph from Peter HillA.C.2 R.A.F. doing hush-hush work in wireless near Cairo.

Sergt. (Air Bomber) Vivian Kenward, R.A.F. has been gazetted P/Off.

S. J. Wenborn is P.O.W. in Malay.

May, 1943.

A long letter from Major Alan Andrewsstill at the War Officehis chance of "decent soldiering" spoiled by pneumonianow awaiting a second chance to get back to his regiment. He reports (in addition to others already noted):

Reg. Tyrellwith the C.I.D. Jim Tyrell a subaltern in the gunners in Ceylon.

John (Chum) Pudneynow Lieut. Commander L.J., to America with a Naval Mission.

Alan PaddockCapt. in the Punjabi Regt. in the Near East and Geoffrey through an O.C.T.D. in India and now commissioned.

Ron Fox "still tapping out radio messages in the M.N."now in Malta. George Fox is an E. Boat Officermay be commanding one.

Mr.Coase is a subaltern in Andrews' old regt. in India.

Hugh Newman in the Ministry of Fuel.

Rex White still skipper of a tanker and away from home since 1941. Thanks.


Letters from Lt. Norman Sutton with news of Old Boys. Gosby is on embarkation leave. Maher is back at the D.E. offices with an artificial legthose motor bikes! He has a report that C. W. Teasdale has been killed in N. Africa but we can get no confirmation of this. He mentions the fact that his son Roy, who was killed on active service last year was "the first free place son of a scholarship father" and that they had played in the same Old Pharosians Cricket Eleven.

A long letter from F/Off. R. Edmond, D.F.C.written by the side of his plane" in a forward position" in N. Africa. He mentions that Laurie Kemp is now Capt. in a Tank Transporter Coy. and that Harold Burt was "until recently" in the same squadron.

D. H. Davies has left Goldsmiths and is now in an O.T.S. in India.

Members of the O.P. Football and Cricket Xl's will be sorry to hear that C.Q.M.S. L. D. Philpott who played for them, has been killed in action.

K. GrantFleet Air Arm.

R. F. HewittR.A.F.

Wallace Robsonspent most of his military service in hospitalservice now postponed and he is back at New College.

The brothers Holmes are both in the R.A.F.

Wing Commander Gibbs has been twice wounded.

J. V. Horn has been commissioned in the R.A.F. (Intelligence) and is now in the M.E.

Guardsman Alfred Chell, Grenadier Guardswounded in North Africa.

A. L James, L.A.C., R.A.F.trairiing as navigator.

S. KingsmillEmpire Air Training Schemein Canada.

L. R Bishat Tilmanstoneawaiting R.A.F. call-up.

A. Hilljoined R.A.F.

G. Huxleyjoining R.A.F.

Kenneth J. Tooppromoted to P/Off. R.A.F. after training in Canada.

Mr. K. H. Ruffell is now Captain in the R Corps of Signals.

Mr. J. G. Dixon is now Staff Capt. R.C.S. in N. Africa.

Sergeant Gunner Sidney Fermor, R.A.F. is reported missing after an operational flight.

J. Finney has joined the R.N. School, Holbrook.

P. Wright and G. W. Hope have gone to Wireless Schools.

Flt. Sergeant J. G. C. Goodson has now gained his commission.

K. MathisonCpl. R.E.M.E.has been in the Middle East over three yearsfirst in the R.A.O.C.

L.A.C. Maurice Castle, Egypt.

Gunner Harry Paynter is P.O.W. in Italy.

Capt. V. A. J. Ravensdale is now Company Commander in the East Surreys.

Sergeant J. R Ravensdale, R.A.F. is now Duty Pilot at a Secret Station somewhere beyond the Atlantichis earlier lung trouble now permanently cured by a Toronto specialistin fact, he is now in the Rugger team.

Sub.Lt. (A.) F. C. Ott, R.N.V.Rtrained in Trinidad for Fleet Air Arm: his elder brother is Flt./Lt. R.A.F.

Squadron Leader J. H. Kirton, R.A.F.just arrived in England with his wife and six months old daughter after three years in the Western Desert.

B. D. GibbsChief Motor Mechanic, sea.

C. S. AustinP/Off. R.A.F.

R J. V. GraemeLt. R.A.S.C.with the Eighth Armymet his brother G. V.C.P.O. (Writer) the desert when the latter was acting as a "desert sailor."

A. C. Pittock, who left Ebbw Vale in 1941 is now training in the R.A.F. (V.R)

E. W. C. Beier is pow Driver, R.A.S.C.has been on duty in Tunis and has written home to say how useful his "D.C.S. French" has been! (Editor's note:I wonder how this differs from French!)

L. H. R Abbot, our indefatigable secretary is now 2nd Lieut. R.A.

C. H. George is at Peterhouse, and R. D. Filcher at Pembroke, Cambridge.

Pay iii (B.P.). is Staff Major, R.E. Pay ii, (E.C.) is Flt/Sgt. Instructor, R.A.F.
and Pay i, (W.H.) is in the meteorological section of the Air Ministry.

D. R OvendenR.A.F.

The Rev. W. F. Kemp is at St. Peter's Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton.

W. J. F. Wellard is Wing Commander, R.A.F. with the Persia and Iraq Forces Flying Officer John G. Goodson reported missingJune.

S. J. Price won an Open Scholarship in History at Oriel and the Doncaster Memorial Scholarship at Magdalen, Oxford. His brother Roy, at the same time came out top of the list in the L.C.C. clerkship entrance examination.

A. E. Cadman is Surg./Lieut. (D), R.N.V.R.

M. Wilson is with the Westminster Bank, Dover.

Lt. Alan Hurrell met B.Q.M.S. E. E. Sutton whilst in Persia. They were in the same form at school!

Donovan Hocking has joined the Navy.



The following boys were successful in the recent examinations:

London Higher School Examination, 1942.J. C. T. Arnold, R. W. Blackmore, J. B. S. Brabham, E. J. Crofts, B. F. Gray, exemptions from Inter Sc.; B. S. Jell, exemption from Inter Arts., Dist. in English; S. D. Mason; A. B. McFarlane, exemption from Inter Sc., Dist. in Physics; P. J. W. McVey, exemption from Inter Arts, Dists. in English and History; S. A. Price, exemption from Inter Arts., Dists. in Latin, French and History; F. Rhodes, E. G. Simpson.

London General School Examination, 1942.C. A. H. Abbott (M), B. C. Andrews, R. H. Arnold, R. J. Austin, F. R. Beach (M), A. J. Bell, J. Bolt (M), E. A. Bussey, R. W. G. Cropton (M), L. E. Culver (M), M. W. Feast (M), J. A. Forwood (M), R. A. W. Galvin (M), K. W. S. Garwood, C. H. George, W. J. Grogan (M), B. A. Harrison, R. S. Henbrey (M), J. B. Jenkins, N. W. McInnes (M), J. S. Macnab, P. K. W. Orgar, K. M. Pill, P. D. Prescott, R. D. Price (M), R. T. Sedgwick, H. R. Slater, P. A. Slater, F. Szekely (M), L. J. Vale (M), M. C. Wilson (M), P. A. Wright.
(M) denotes exemption from Matriculation.

PRIZE LIST, 1941-1942.


PARENTS' ASSOCIATION PRIZES.Special Endeavour Prize, A. L. Brown; the English Prize, B. S. Jell; the Biology Prize, E. Crofts; the School Certificate Geography Prize, F. Beach; the School Certificate Physics Prize, R. A. W. Galvin; the Middle School Art Prize, D. J. Russell.


SPECIAL AND VI FORM PRIZES.The Good Fellowship, E. Crofts; the School Certificate (given by Canon Elnor) F. Beach; the Whitehouse Memorial (Divinity) A. Allin; the Edward Ryeland Memorial (Physics), A. B. McFarlane; the Thomas Memorial (Chemistry), S. D. Mason; the Clatworthy Senior Latin, S. A. Price; the Clatworthy Junior Latin, R. Cropton; the Tunnell Senior History, P. J. W. McVey; the Tunnell Junior History, R. S. Henbrey; the Old Boys' Cadet Prize, J. Williams; the Staff Prizes, J. Arnold and E. G. Simpson; the Headmaster's Prize, J. B. S. Brabham; the French prize, S. A. Price; the Maths. prize, J. B. S. Brabham; the Applied Maths. prize, R. W. Blackmore; VI Arts prizes, P. J. W. McVey and S. A. Price; Upper VI Science prizes, A. B. McFarlane and B. F. Gray; Lower VI Science prizes, K. Marsden and T. Arthur; VI Commerce prize, C. R. Reynolds.


SCHOOL CERTIFICATE PRIZES.The English prize, R. S. Henbrey; the French prize, R. D. Price; the Maths. prize, M. Feast; the Chemistry prize, R. Cropton; the Art prize, C. Abbott Upper V prizes, R. A. W. Galvin and R. D. Price; Middle V prize, J. Bolt.


MIDDLE SCHOOL PRIZES.The English prize, A Pierce; the Language prize, A. Allin; the Maths. prize, A. G. W. Humphries; the Science prize, J. Gale; the Upper IV prize, W. C. Harris; the Middle IV prize, E. D. Newport; Upper III-prizes, R. Efemey and R. Pellatt; Middle III prize, W. Rendell.


LOWER SCHOOL PRIZES.The English prize, N. Brown; the Maths. prize, J. Moorcroft; Upper Il prizes, J. Granger and R. P. Reeves; Middle II prize, P. Haddon; Upper I prize. C. H. Garwood; Middle I prize, B. D. Hedgecock; Trans-Prep. prize, B. Bacon.